Calico Critter Unboxing

My girls love little things, all the tiny pieces that always seem to get lost or in most cases (my cases lol) vacuumed up and forgotten…forever. To add to the small things, recently we received a box with some accessories to upgrade your Calico Critter home! I must say, they are so stinkin’ cute! To be honest though, I’m gonna level with you….I love these Calico Critters probably as much than or more than my own kids!

I asked my oldest, Evey Jane (4years old) to help me do the unboxing of these cute accessories. Here’s her now holding them all before we open each one:

So, the list of accessories to unbox are:

Laundry and Vacuum Cleaner
Kitchen Island
Wall Lamps & Curtains
Breakfast Playset
Bed & Comforter Set
Microwave Cabinet

To start, here are a couple of before pictures:

Before the unboxing

So now that we’ve got the before photos up, let’s take a look at the after photos with the upgraded accessories!

Check out the microwave cabinet with the peach cobbler on the inside! And if you look at the window, you will notice the new flower curtains with the bow attachment and you can also see the new lighting upgrade. Our little kitchen is filling up!

Here is the newly added kitchen island with a waffle maker, new toaster, basket with an apple and orange, eggs, carton of milk, blender and mixer.

Now here’s a little set up with the new additions; you can also see the fruits on the table with new plates and toast. I absolutely love the upgrades! They have added so much flare to the Critter life 😛

Here in the ‘living room’ side of the Critter house you will notice more of those flower curtains with the bow attachments, the new laundry and vacuum cleaner. Now the living room doesn’t look so bare! Yay!

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