About Me

Hi, welcome to my blog DelightfullyMichal. It’s so important to me that you are here and I’m so excited to explore creativity with you.

Enjoying the things that we love is important, doing things that makes us happy with the people we love is also important. Choose happiness, choose joy.

Life gets tough, and one way I like to shake it off is letting the creativity flow. Sometimes I use Pinterest for inspiration, sometimes I let the chaos around me inspire me.  And I certainly hope you enjoy the roller coaster ride as we go through this thing we call life.

There is always time for you. Don’t get so caught up from the full-time job, the kids, the ‘wifely’ duties of maintaining a household. That disastrous mess the kids left in the living room, guess what? It can wait. Go bake the hell out of some pie, or go crazy with that glue and macaroni craft you’ve been wanting to do with the kids. There’s always time to do life, but we often forget to make time to create memories.

So, turn that tv off, crank up the music and make them memories!

Explore creativity.